Permission to Glow: The 4 common ‘Frenemies’ We Default to in Our Leadership”

Podcast Guest:

Kristoffer Carter (“KC”) is a spiritual teacher who borders at the intersection of consciousness and business. He is the founder of “This Epic Life” website and podcast devoted to conscious living which has created a daily meditation practice for thousands. As a meditation teacher and workshop designer, Kristoffer has over 6500 active students on an insight timer with over 120,000 streams. Kristoffer also writes music for his daughter, Elliott, and her band “Detention.”

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How he incorporates being a spiritual leader with executive coaching
  • What are unbreakable meditation habits
  • Learning the difference between an Ego vs a Healthy Ego
  • What is the status quo in upper management
  • Hear about his new book, Permission to Glow: A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership
  • What are the 4 common frenemies leaders default to
  • Learning the skills to be a conscious leader

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Facebook:  @thisepiclifeofficial



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