6 Smarts Social Media Tactics to Begin Before December 31st

Many businesses have decided to abandon their social media platforms. Unfortunately this is not  the route to take even though we are in the middle of a pandemic.  People have flocked to social media as a way to keep in contact with businesses that are currently working in a new normal format.  Businesses that were completely done in person have now found a way to move online. Social media has a new founded purpose for many who are looking to connect with their old customers and a new community of customers. Try using these social media tactics to move your business forward online meanwhile keeping your levels of anxiety down. 

  • Continue posting to your social media accounts

Now is the time to keep your social media accounts active. One common question that I am asked by my Healthcare business clients is “Should we continue posting to our  social media accounts” and my response is without a doubt absolutely you should continue. We are in the midst of a pandemic, and I wholeheartedly believe we should be mindful of what we post online but to stop posting will do more damage then overall good for your business.  If you’ve stopped posting to your accounts, then you should start again slowly. If you’ve been posting more than usual and you’re feeling a little self-conscious then ease back the amount of social media posts but do not stop completely. 

  • Build your community 

Community engagement still remains the backbone of growing social media accounts.  Without engagement your business accounts are no different than the millions of other accounts out there. Building your community online is how you grow your brand awareness. Posting content and offering a call to actions is just one part of the process.  This content will go unseen when there are no other actions being done on your account. It almost doesn’t matter which social media platform you choose for your business, you still need a community to increase certain analytical metrics like  impressions and reach of the posted content.

  • Try content diversification

Content diversification not only keeps things interesting but it keeps people engaged when you create and share more than one type of content form.  It can be anything from written, images, video, and audio.  Some industries may be concerned as to which content will do best. The only way to figure this out is to test the content. Once you’ve tested which content works  best, continue adding other types to the mix.  Don’t get caught up with thinking there is only one type you should be using. Diversification is the key to life and a healthy social media platform. 

  • Simplify your process
social Media Tactics

​Don’t wait till December 31st to figure out how to make creating content and posting content more manageable.  Work on simplifying the process as much as possible. Technology is out there to make our lives easier, tools like Buffer and HootSuite can help you keep your content flowing without you being online 24/7. Creating content and putting them on an Excel spreadsheet or a board like Trello can help you rotate content that will be used more than once. Find a way to make things easier for you as not every tool is good for every business. It depends on your budget, your time, goals, and  resources. 

  • Get help on demand 

Do you currently have access to the marketing help your business needs? Then get help to run your social media account or social media marketing consulting.  Now is the best time to start doing the research to find a freelancer or support a small business like myself to consult with that can help you manage your social media accounts. A social media strategist, such as myself, is a person who has customizable packages that enables you as a business owner to take your social media to the next level. Have you tried doing social media yourself or had an administrator in your organization to take on this hefty task?  If no, then it’s time to hire someone to maintain your account. If hiring a full-time person is not within your budget, then hire a small agency like Heman Marketing Media to do the heavy lifting without all of the politics that comes with having an in-house social media manager.  You have options and don’t wait till the end of the year to figure it out. 

  • Stop comparing social media accounts 

Not all accounts should be the same regardless if you’re in the same industry. Stop comparing your social media account to the competitors accounts.  Create your own space online.  Allow your social media manager some room for creativity and to test content.  It is okay to see what types of content your industry competitors may be posting and to share similar content. Try stepping outside of the box but within legal requirements, and keep true to your business brand and add flair when possible.

Out of all of these 6 tips, the most important thing to remember is to keep your social media accounts active. There are a lot of challenges that are currently facing many businesses, and social media accounts are even more important during this pandemic than ever. It is the best avenue of how people are keeping in contact with knowing what is happening with your company.  During this time, people are online more than ever before so don’t miss out on using social media as a way to communicate with your current and potential new customers who are looking for your type of services or products.

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