Twitter Marketing Unlocked

A Twitter guide to help you connect, communicate, and collaborate successfully to grow your brand or small business. 

About The Book

In 2019, there are a large number of companies that are still not using Twitter strategically for their business. Many business owners simply do not understand how to incorporate Twitter into their overall social media marketing strategy.

Twitter has always been my social media network of choice, there is just something about being on this platform that has done wonders for helping me foster various relationships both professionally and personally. It has helped me grow my business over the years and connect with people I would have never had the opportunity to talk to.

I’ve created this book because I want more people to truly understand the power of Twitter and to learn how to capitalize on all it has to offer. Twitter Marketing Unlock will help you overcome your challenges and enable you to think differently about the platform meanwhile offering insights to take you to the next level of Twittering.

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What’s inside


Chapter 1

Introducing your business brand and Understanding your purpose for using Twitter


Chapter 2

What are your Core Values, Missions, and Promise?


Chapter 3

Telephone vs. Megaphone


Chapter 4

Defining Your Ideal Audience


Chapter 5

What Are You Really Saying?


And Much More!

Chapter 1

Introducing your business brand and Understanding your purpose for using Twitter

Why Do You Want To Use Twitter?

Twitter IS a social network. In order for it to work for your business or organization, you have to go with the intentions of being social. It doesn’t matter which platform you choose. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, without the social aspect as a part of the strategy, nothing you do online will be successful.

As you go through the next couple of chapters, I want you to think about why you want to use Twitter. The sole purpose of the next few chapters is about helping you to get clear about your purpose for this network and how Twitter can enable you to effectively connect, communicate, and collaborate with other like-minded people to grow your community. 

You Are What You Tweet – Understanding the Brand Called  You

You are what you tweet!  Every tweet you publish is a 280 character representation of you and what you want to share with the world. Who would have guessed that one sentence can make a positive or negative impact on someone’s life? I don’t mean to be so dramatic,  but think about how one tweet from our president can cause Twitter to go in an uproar. Just one bad tweet from a Fortune 500 brand can send its stocks tumbling down.  If you don’t want it to be attached to your brand, then think before you tweet it.

What do you want to be known for on Twitter? I’m not trying to scare you out of tweeting, but I don’t want you to take using this social network lightly either.

Whether you are still in the process of discovering your brand or you are thinking about rebranding, start tweeting content that will be interesting to your potential audience and begin growing your presence.

Here are some questions to consider as you prepare to create your Twitter strategy. 


  • What is your area of expertise that you want to share with your Twitter community? 
  • What are your unique skills that others can appreciate? 
  • What subject will you be okay tweeting about all the time?

Focus On Clarity

At the end of the road of clarity, leads to the success of your business on Twitter.

How can you determine what types of content to share and discuss if you are unclear about your brand? Is your brand a clear representation that you can share with your twitterverse? Brand clarity makes it easier for you to have consistency on Twitter. If you are unclear about your brand offline, the same ambiguity will manifest itself on Twitter as well.

Do you already have a solid brand? Wonderful, keep moving to the next chapter. But if you are puzzled on how you can gain brand clarity, then continue on and take time to answer the activity questions at the end of this chapter.  

Using Twitter To Tell Your Story 

If you’re wondering how can you share a story in 280 characters you can’t.  But when you string together a bunch of tweets, together they can create and develop a powerful storyline that can make an impact on its reader.

I must admit that Twitter wasn’t always my favorite social network. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it for several years. What I learned is that I needed to embrace what made Twitter unique. And accept its uncanny ability to connect and engage people in roughly two full sentences.

Over time, I began to realize that if I strategically develop my tweets into pieces of broken up storylines, my tweets could take my Twitter community on a journey that will make them come back daily to read more of my tweets.

Let start with some realistic questions to get you thinking about your current state of your brand.


Twitter Activity Questions:

  1. Why am I in this business?
  2. Why do I believe in the work I do?
  3. What makes me excited about this business?
  4.  Do I  need business (revenue) instantly?
  5. Do I  have time OR money to invest in my business?
  6. What is my purpose for using Twitter?
  7. What are my top 3-5 subject topics?
  8. Why are these topics important to my community?
  9. Am I ready to take on this platform and all the nuances that come with it?




This book is full of powerful tips and will guide you:

  • How to communicate with people on Twitter in an effective way that will help you to connect quicker

  • To under the importance of having a clear brand message and how to get clear about it so you can become relatable to your community

  • Create a Twitter strategy to begin implementing right away

  • About the importance of having a Twitter social media policy in place for your business or organizations

I never knew how to navigate Twitter to market a brand until now. Angela, you nailed it with your thought-provoking questions and tips to guide us through the book. I was highlighting and taking notes as I was reading. Angela, your writing style just flowed throughout the book. I have learned a lot from your book. You did a great job on this book!

Amy Good

Angela gives a deep exploration of using Twitter for professional branding. Her engaging tone gives beginners confidence to get started while her in-depth knowledge brings new insights to professionals. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Michelle 

Angela does an excellent job of laying a roadmap to success on Twitter wherever you are on your Twitter journey. Chapter 6: How to Build You Network Community was one of my favorites due to her easy to understand description into the types of followers and their benefits. A beginner or social media pro will find takeaways from Twitter Unlocked.

JGH of Jerri Gail Creates

About the author.

Angela Hemans holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University.  Her background includes helping patients as a cardiovascular sonographer, but her passion for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship has led her to diagnostics of a different sort.

Angela founded the Women United in Business Mastermind Group to facilitate networking and experience-sharing, and she enjoys working with business professionals and authors from diverse industries and backgrounds to develop and implement tailored sales solutions. 

She helps professionals establish an online presence or platform that enhances their brand through social media and marketing communications and helps them improve social media and networking skills.

Angela’s insight and know-how help businesses, consultants, nonprofits, start-ups, and authors establish themselves within their professional industry and among their online communities. 

Angela Hemans

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