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Brand Visibility Marketing Strategy

Do you want to get clear about your marketing and social media plans? Does it seem like you’re working hard and still having a tough time generating any money in your business? Are you ready to launch your product, service, or book in a cost effective and creative way that attracts and connects with your audience in under 30 days?

Then it’s time to Get Clear about your marketing strategy and join me for a Launch To Profit strategy session. The Launch To Profit is an intensive One-to-One customized marketing strategy session that you’ll have with me. I will work with you to plan your Brand visibility marketing strategy for the launch of your upcoming book, service, or product launch.
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what you’ll get:


**Bonus: You will receive a physical copy of the book I co-authored called Insiders Tips, 100 Innovative Ways To Increase Profits

You don’t have to struggle on your own. Having a strategy is necessary to have a successful and profitable business launch.

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But winning strategy that deliver more profits for your business.

Investment: $350.00

Time Commitment: One 60 minutes call using Zoom with 30 Days  of Email support

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