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1 On 1 Consulting

I help transitioning entrepreneurs, podcasters, coaches, and small business owners increase their brand visibility through social media and technology. I offer my signature 1 on 1 coaching and consulting package which can include: social media training, social media management, and brand development.

Do you want to take advantage of all the options that exist, to increase your brand awareness, build a community, engage with potential clients and keep existing ones? My hands-on approach assists my clients in making social business decisions to move their business toward success.
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Most common social business and marketing issues that we can work on together:

Difficulty Communicating On Social Networks
My 3-part process. First, we schedule the initial consultation. We will go over in-depth questions about your business and discuss your current marketing strategy. We will also go over what’s working and what’s not working.
The second part of my signature package consists of the social media evaluation. Let me show you why your social media networks are not as effective as they should be, and here is what we will do.
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The Social Media Evaluation includes:

The third part of the process is the coaching and/or training. I will assist you by offering my advice, helping with strategy and implementation, as well as guide you, if that is what you need. My approach is simple, direct, creative, and interesting.
My 1 on 1 coaching can be customized to best suit your needs. Most monthly sessions will be one-60 minute session at the beginning of the month and a 30 minute, 2 week check-in/ follow-up. At the beginning of each session, we will create a plan of action to keep you on course with your overall business strategy.
**Investment: 3 month minimum paid quarterly**
Price:  $300/month or
Pay in full for 12 months – $3,500
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Increase Your Brand Visibility And Profits Strategy Session

One way to stay confident with your social skills is to have a social media mentor that can work with you to develop monthly specific tactics for your business. As you are transitioning you may need more One and One time to go over specific goals. 

This monthly coaching program will offer you full access to myself for 90 minutes, monthly with email support. You can ask specific questions relating to how to use the social media networks and tools to increase your brand visibility relating to you specifically.

Each session will focus on helping you create a visibility strategy and/or implementation of strategy with the tools you will need to accomplish the goals set. The most important aspect of this coaching is to help you succeed with your business and to provide accountability to take you to the next level.

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Signature Package:

1-hour monthly 1 on 1 social media consulting or training session.
1- 30 minutes bi-weekly follow-up. 
An initial audit of your social media platforms.
Email support to answer urgent questions (respond within 24-48 hours). 
Personalize screencast when applicable. 
An accountability email once every two weeks.
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