Dear MMA Newbie, Don’t Forget About Your Future Fans On Twitter

Dear MMA Newbie, Don’t Forget About Your Future Fans On Twitter

Congratulations on your leap into the MMA Industry! You’ve decided to make a bold and courageous leap into the exhilarating world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)! As you embark on this thrilling journey, you are stepping into an arena that showcases the pinnacle of human physicality, mental fortitude, and unparalleled dedication.

As you forge ahead, remember to embody the spirit of a warrior, constantly honing your skills, and always striving to make a lasting impact in this rapidly evolving landscape.

More importantly, dear MMA Newbie, don’t forget about your future fans on Twitter (including myself) who are looking to connect with you and follow your journey.

What is Twitter?

Ah, Twitter, the digital playground where brevity is king and subtlety is a lost art. In 280 characters or less, an MMA professional can tweet for likes, retweets, and fleeting internet fame, not to mention grow your professional brand.

Here, one can witness humanity’s full spectrum, from viral cat videos to mind-numbing political rants. A procrastinator’s or MMA fan paradise, Twitter offers an endless stream of distractions and people to network with, all wrapped up in a perfectly addictive package.

Instagram is not the only platform for this, and many of us jump ship on Facebook, aka. Meta, a long time ago.

Why Join Twitter?

MMA professionals should promote themselves on Twitter for several reasons.

  1. Connect with fans, media, and fellow fighters: Twitter allows MMA professionals to engage with their audience and network in real-time, helping them build their personal brand and foster relationships within the industry.
  2. Share news, updates, and behind-the-scenes content: Twitter’s short-form content format enables quick and efficient sharing of news, updates, and insights into their training and daily life.
  3. Increase visibility and sponsorship opportunities: A strong Twitter presence can lead to greater visibility and potential sponsorship deals, which contribute to an athlete’s financial success.
  4. Participate in relevant conversations: By being active on Twitter, MMA professionals can stay informed about the latest trends and discussions in the sport while showcasing their personality beyond the cage.

What Makes Twitter better than Instagram for brand building your MMA Career?

While both Twitter and Instagram have their advantages for brand building, there are several reasons why Twitter can be considered better in certain aspects:

  • Real-time engagement: Twitter’s fast-paced nature makes it ideal for real-time conversations, allowing brands to interact with their audience quickly and efficiently. This fosters a more personal connection and boosts brand loyalty. As quickly as a K.O., a tweet can be sent.


  • Information dissemination: Twitter’s text-focused format is perfect for sharing news, updates, and announcements. Let’s face it, I would like to know where your next fight is so a fan can cheer you on. It also enables brands to easily provide valuable information to their followers, keeping them informed and engaged.


  • Hashtags and trends: Twitter’s hashtag system allows for better content discovery and participation in trending topics. Who doesn’t want to be a trending topic? Brands can leverage this feature to reach a wider audience and join relevant conversations, increasing their visibility.


  • Cha-Ching, Influencer partnerships: Twitter offers an excellent platform for collaboration with influencers and industry experts. By leveraging these partnerships, brands can expand their reach, establish credibility, and generate buzz around your skills and potential fights.

However, it is essential to note that the choice between Twitter and Instagram for brand building ultimately depends on the brand’s target audience, objectives, and content strategy; however, I do recommend both!

MMA professionals should undoubtedly embrace Twitter as a powerful tool for personal branding and fan engagement. This dynamic platform offers unparalleled opportunities to connect with fans, share insights into your training, and stay informed about the latest happenings in the sport. By actively participating in conversations and leveraging hashtags, you can broaden your reach, increase visibility, and potentially secure lucrative sponsorship deals. Furthermore, Twitter allows for seamless collaboration with influencers and industry experts, helping to solidify your credibility and boost your career.

Yes, I’ll be the one to mention that incorporating Twitter into your brand strategy is essential for any MMA professional looking to make a lasting impact in this competitive industry. Don’t miss out on the myriad benefits that Twitter has to offer! Take action today by scheduling a brand strategy session to refine your approach and maximize your online presence. Thank you for reading!


New Twitter Feature: Twitter Just Added Audio-Only Live-streaming Using Their Periscope App

New Twitter Feature: Twitter Just Added Audio-Only Live-streaming Using Their Periscope App

Do you avoid live streaming like it’s the plague because like me every day is a bad hair, face, or clothes day? Twitter has finally heard us and added an audio-only live streaming feature to their Periscope app.

Sorry Android users, currently the feature is being rolled out on IOS devices. This feature allows followers and attendees to listen to your live-stream without seeing you.

Here’s how to access the audio-only feature using the Twitter app and from Periscope app:

audio only

Go to the compose a tweet button as you would typically do on your Twitter app. Then click the “Live” Tweet button as if you were about to do a live-stream.

Then go to the “Live” button, and you will see the microphone which is sitting front and center.

audio only

Then, hit the “Go Live” with just audio, people who join will see your image along with the audio waveforms of you talking.

audio only

You have to wonder with podcasting becoming so popular, why hasn’t Twitter added this feature a long time ago. But it’s better late than never!

If you’ve stayed away from the platform because of the trolls and their comments, now would be an excellent time to come back and grow your community and your brand with this audio-only feature.

Not quite sure what to say for your first audio-only live-stream? It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; you can talk about almost anything. Here are some suggestions for topics to discuss with your audience:

  • Trending news
  • Daily motivational tips
  • Business and Career hacks
  • Comedy Skit
  • Sing and Share

Let me know what you think of the new feature, and do you think it’s enough to further jump-start the engagement on the platform.


Want to Be a Part of My Book Launch Team?

Want to Be a Part of My Book Launch Team?

I can’t do this by myself, and honestly, I don’t want to! That is why I am asking for your help. There is no better marketing than by word of mouth, and in this case, the more the merrier. That is why I am looking for a few enthusiastic people wanting to connect with other folks to be part of the book launch team for my soon-to-be-released book called “Twitter Marketing Unlocked.”

This book has been in the making for a while and I although I realize that it could potentially help those struggling to get a grasp on the social network and share the potential power behind it, I struggled myself with listening to naysayers. That day is over and the long-awaited time has finally arrived.

And I am excited!!

Share in my joy and help me to spread the word and connect with a community I know can benefit by being on Twitter. Here are the details:

What’s In It For You By Being a Book Launch Team Member?

  1. My forever loyalty and sincerest gratitude! I will be so thankful to everyone who joins me and lends a helping hand.
  2.  A Free Book – Every member of the team will receive a signed printed copy of the book from my organization. (The initial book will be on pdf, as I am waiting for the final book)
  3. Connections with Awesome People: I always say networking starts before you need the connections. I’ve already started pulling together a few phenomenal people to help with this launch and spreading the word. You will be able to connect on a deeper level. And who knows when you might need us to do the same for you.  There will be a Facebook Group for this very reason.
  4. Giveaways: I’ll be doing giveaways in the group to show my appreciation for your help and I’ll be offering book giveaways for your audience. More info about that what will be offered and posted in the Facebook group. Book Launch Team

What Are The Expectations For The Launch Team Members?

Let’s be real for a moment, I know you are busy and have many things on your own plate to accomplish. So if you are unable to do this, I completely understand and I appreciate you taking the time to read this. My goal is to provide you with enough support that way we can go through this launch as seamless as possible.

You can help out in a few areas or with everything. Whatever you can do I will be forever grateful. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the way you could potentially help.

  1. Social Media: You could share posts that I will make available (I’ll be proving ideas and resources)  in advance in the group or repost anything I share regards to the book. You can share on any social media channel you are most active on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, with your group, book club, or organization)
  2. Reviews: Honest Reviews are always helpful on Amazon or any other location that I will mention in time. (If you don’t like the book, that is okay, you don’t have to give a review.)
  3. Guest Blog: If social media is not your thing, I would love to be a guest blogger and provide a post that can host a book giveaway. Or you can write a blog post sharing the upcoming book giveaway.
  4. Pre-Orders and Book official Release Day: If you can’t be part then sharing information about the pre-orders. If you know someone interested in Twitter this will be a great gift to give.
  5. Facebook Launch Party: I would love to have you share and attend the Facebook launch party on the day of the release. Which will be on Sept 5th as of today’s date.
  6. Share TO Groups: If you apart of any group you think can benefit from the book it would be wonderful if you can share within your specific group, or I will be more than happy to speak about any topic related to Twitter marketing.
  7. Share Marketing Ideas: Do you have an idea that you believe could work and you would like to have it tested within the group. Share the idea in the Facebook group and we’ll discuss it.
  8. Tag it: Wherever you choose to share please tag it with the hashtag, #TwitterMarketingUnlock that way I can support you.

The launch activities will begin Monday, August 20th and continue to the first of October that’s approximately 6 weeks.  As I mentioned before, there will be a private Facebook group exclusively for anyone that has joined the team in any capacity.  But you have to be an active participant or you will be removed. When the activities of the group have officially ended, it will remain open for general discussion in case the team is needed by anyone in the group.


If you would like to help, please reach out to me by email: or by DM on any social media network @AngelaHemans as soon as possible.




How To Begin Using Twitter For Thought Leadership

How To Begin Using Twitter For Thought Leadership

Using Twitter For Thought Leadership

Why Bother To Establish Thought Leadership?

Would you like to be seen as the “go to” person or a trusted resource within your industry? Or do you want to build awareness for a particular cause that you are passionate about, but you don’t have a public platform? Then building thought leadership on a social media platform like Twitter can pay off in significant ways.

Here are some other reasons why you would want to become a thought leader:

  • Quickly gain the trust of people in your professional community, customers, advocates, and investors.
  • Attract a higher readership, influence audience members, and build valuable relationships.
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness to stay relevant and top of mind.


Five Ways To Position Yourself As A Thought Leader Using Twitter


  1. Create Content That Matches Your Passion And Purpose

You might be tempted to start following people on Twitter but why should anyone follow you back if you have nothing exciting to read on your Twitter timeline. Once you know what you want to remember for, taking time to create and curate content that will attract people to your profile is a crucial step to increasing influence and reach on Twitter.

If you have original content that matches your passion, purpose and showcases your unique perspective, you’ll want to pin that piece of material to the top of your Twitter timeline. By doing this, you will garner the most attention by helping it to remain on top of anything else you tweet. However, if you don’t have original content available curating similar material is the next best step. Just don’t leave your Twitter account void of content, people will believe you are a spambot or an inactive member of Twitter.

  1. Engage And Be Approachable

Twitter IS a social media network; you should take time each day to engage with your online community. The days of just tweeting and being seen no longer exist. Dropping links to blog post, white papers, research papers or random pieces of content without engagement will not yield the results you desire for your business. If you ARE taking time to engage, but no one seems to want to tweet with you, it might be because your virtual tone seems unapproachable.

Tweet with an emoji regardless of whether you are happy, sad, or indifferent. Use gif to help clarify the meaning of your tweet. Until people get to know you,  your tone and personality are difficult to convey in 280 characters when you are starting out.

  1. Be Consistent

As a busy professional, finding time for posting and engaging on Twitter to build influence can be frustrating. However, being consistent is a necessary evil if you want to increase your thought leadership, it does take time and being present. Determine how much time you have to be involved actively and then either automate your content or hire someone and outsource the management of your account to someone like myself.

  1. Listen to Provide Value

Increase your thought leadership by listening first to see where you can provide value and be a dependable resource to the needs of your audience. Don’t be too quick to offer unsolicited information, listening on social media is key to being a great leader online and building powerful influence.

  1. Participate In Twitter Chats

Twitter chats can seem daunting at first and downright overwhelming when there can be multiple conversations taking place. Engaging in Twitter chats eliminates the need for finding people who WANT to have a conversation.  Twitter chats allow your tweets to reach a wider audiences getting you in front of new people. Over a period of time, these people you have connected with can develop in relationships and valued connections. Participating in chats also encourages engagement, which helps your content cut through the clutter, and showcase your expertise on the main discussion topic during the conversation.

(Twitter Chat Resource: Twitter chats can be overwhelming if you are not sure where to begin. Are you trying to unlock the Twitter chat code? Consider signing up for my Twitter Chat Masterclass here, and get started using this powerful marketing relationship builder tool.) 


Using Twitter to become a thought leader in your industry is not an easy road to take. It takes patience, diligence and strategy to make an impact and build influence regardless of whether you use Twitter or any other social media platform. Establishing your brand and using Twitter for thought leadership can bring tremendous benefits both personally and professionally.

Do you have any advice for using Twitter to become a thought leader in your industry?


The Dos And Don’t Of Using Twitter’s New 280 Characters Limit

The Dos And Don’t Of Using Twitter’s New 280 Characters Limit



It’s official! Twitter has moved from 140 characters and doubled it to a 280 tweet character limit for most countries around the world. It was a move Twitter was considering for a while, and finally, they jumped the broom and made it available to everyone.

The increased character limit is actually good news for business owners using Twitter. The potential to capture your audience with Twitter content has become a little easier.  If you have stayed away from the social network because of the 140 limit, you can come back today. You have more leeway to communicate with your community.

Twitter has many moving parts that can make the platform awkward to maneuver around. There many businesses that still choose not to incorporate it into their social media mix. Let’s face it; this network is still relevant for building brand awareness, creating initial conversations, connecting with influencers, and creating a long-lasting business relationship.

Are you ready to give Twitter another try? Here are a few best practices to help you efficiently use the new character limit.


Do: Choose to be creative with your tweets.


There are so many creative ways to make your tweets stand out in the sea tweeters.  With 280 characters you can now get your point across better and still be able to add images, gifs, and bitmojis.



Don’t: Be annoying




Don’t be that person! If you’re wondering about the different ways you can annoy somebody, I’m happy to share.

  • All 280 characters worth of emojis
  • Repeating the same sentence in a tweet as many times as you can
  • Using 280 characters when it’s plain to see that you can sum it up and 100

Now you can’t please everyone all the time and feel free to do what you think is best for your Twitter account. There is a Saying that  “too much of one thing is good for nothing,” Which means that you will probably annoy some people with any tweet that is repeated too many times.


Do: Have a choice of using all 280 characters


I must admit I wasn’t in favor of Twitter increasing their limit. I love the brevity of platform, which is one reason why I am personally attracted to the platform. But now that we have 280 characters to use, I thoroughly enjoy it. I believe it is helpful during Twitter chats, ongoing conversation, and back and forth banter. Every tweet doesn’t need to be 280 characters to get your point across. Just because we have space doesn’t mean it should be used it.
Ask for Liz which is a good friend of mine and does a great job with pairing text and imagery in less than 280 characters. She gets her point across.


Don’t: Create spam messages




What is spam? I would consider it, unwanted sales pitches, salesy contents directly sent or tagging someone. You can still tag people on Twitter but to tag people continuously and unwantedly can be considered spam. You have more characters to use for good, take a moment to at least introduce yourself, before outright trying selling. Too many spam messages will get you blocked by people on Twitter and eventually banned by the Twitter platform.


Do: Tweet often


There are millions of tweets being shared every hour, how do you get through all the noise?  One way to do it is to tweet more often. Tweeting only one to two times a day will not cut it if you’re trying to build an audience grow your brand become an influencer and generate leads. If you don’t tweet, you will be forgotten, And that’s a fact. There is no magic number of times to tweet. It is merely a test and trial journey. Are you currently tweeting 2 times a day? Then step it up to 5, if you’re tweeting 5 times a day try tweeting  8 to 10 times today and so on.


Don’t: Make all of your tweet about your services and products


People need to know what products and services you offer, and it’s okay to share it. But there are other ways to let people know you have something to offer without always saying it. One way you can do that is by sharing your excitement over something that has happened, or your frustration with your business without giving all the details. Here’s an excellent example from Jennifer Michelle. The tweet builds excitement surrounding her business and makes you want to know more. By sharing similar tweets, people will revisit your twitter account to understand more about you and take an interest in your business.



How Can Chiropractors Build Their  Brand Using Twitter & Grow Their Practice

How Can Chiropractors Build Their Brand Using Twitter & Grow Their Practice

How Can Chiropractors Build Their Brand Using Twitter & Grow Their Practice

Twitter is still one of my favorite platforms to connect with people and start great conversations. No, it is not the platform it once was, but you can still grow your brand, chiropractic business and engage with potential clients or referral partners in a meaningful way.

Twitter has been around for almost 12 years, and I have been on and off it for about 10 of those years.  I have rebranded so many times and have made many mistakes over the years until now I am finally getting it right. I have helped multiple businesses grow a successful brand in the process.

Today I want to share with you what I have learned and shared with my clients to help you build your brand from scratch. Don’t worry, even if you are rebranding these tips can still work for you.

  1. What are your goals?

Start by defining your business objectives or goals for why you want to develop your brand on twitter is a crucial part of the process. You have to ask yourself why.

What is your desired outcome? What do you want to achieve using Twitter?

What are your trying to do? Here are a few goals you can be shooting for:

  • Increasing brand visibility
  • Grow your practice social media presence
  • Growing a community
  • Finding referral partners
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Acquire new leads(potential clients)

For me, I had a few primary objectives one being to increase my brand visibility and grow my community. It is okay to have multiple goals in mind to start off with on twitter. Moreover, don’t worry if it changes over time that will happen as your brand evolves.

2. Determine who is your core audience

Your target audience will determine what kinds of content to share.  Your brand may be about you, but your brand is also what your community believes it is as well.

Sharing the right type of content with the wrong audience is a big mistake, and they will find it irrelevant. The same goes for sharing the wrong kind of tweets will be a turn off to the right audience.   

By learning about your target audience, this will help you to develop your brand presence quicker and enable you to connect and engage with other more efficiently.

3. Publish tweets consistently

Have you ever visited a twitter account only to see there are no tweets?  That is one of the worst things to see because you do not want to follow someone that share all x-rated content or tweets that are inappropriate. When you are building your brand share content on your twitter timeline that is:

  • Interesting to read
  • Relevant to the audience you want to attract(For example, if you are a chiropractor that specializes in sports medicine, your content will differ from someone who specializes in pediatrics)
  • Shareable and Likable by your community

It is not enough to just follow someone on twitter and think they should follow you back because your bio is interesting and sounds good. Make sure when someone visits your profile you have something good for your audience to read.

4. Search for hashtags

Hashtags can help you discover different communities and conversations taking place. On Twitter, hashtags are essential for participating in Twitter chats that are happening on an individual topic.

Conference-goers are using hashtags for Live-tweeting events. During this time, I enjoy jumping on random conversations happening around the event.

That is what twitter is about as long as you are not interrupting a one on one public discussion that looks super personal. Otherwise, most conversations that get tweeted in the open are usually fine to add your comment.  Who knows what can happen, you might make a new friend, client, or referral partner.

5. Be Active

I know this sounds basic, but be active.  Being active doesn’t mean spending hours on Twitter unless you have hours to spend.  

How can you grow your brand and build a community if you are never present to be engaged? Try spending 15 minutes to an hour daily, especially when you are in the early stages of brand building.

There is a different way to be active on the network you can:

  • Connect with your ideal audience by following new people.
  • Take time to respond to any replies or comments made in your timeline or someone else.
  • Like and retweet other tweets. Find content you find valuable and share it with your community.

It is simple, but doing this daily will help grow your twitter following and build your brand visibility. If you are already feeling overwhelmed by your daily to do list while growing your chiropractic business, don’t worry, consider hiring a social media consultant like myself to help.


Creating the type of success you desire from being on Twitter or any social media network takes time.

It is not an overnight process!

You have to be willing to go the extra mile, to forge long-lasting relationships.  Just know, someone wants to connect and learn more about you and your business.

Have you created a successful brand on twitter?

I would love to hear from you and how you have branded yourself using Twitter. Leave your comments below or reach out to me on Twitter