Twitter Limit

Have you reached your 5,000 Twitter following limit? And now you’re unable to follow any more of your target community?


To continue growing your followers, you’ll  want to consider removing your inactive, fake, and unfollowers so that you can continue connecting successfully. (If you’re not sure how, read How To Remove Inactive And Unfollowers From Your Twitter Account blog post, I wrote earlier)


Why is this even necessary?

Twitter has a stupid rule that once you reach 5,000 Twitter community members, you can not add more than about 10% of your current following. (Remember all numbers are relative, and slightly differently per account)


According to Twitter’s policy, It’s done to limit the strain of the platform and limite the abuse.


The sad truth is, we really don’t authentically connect with that many people on Twitter and we don’t NEED more than 5000. But having the option to connect with more is an option that is needed based on your determined marketing goal.


What are some reason to have more than 5000 Twitter following?

  • The number of people you’re connected with on Twitter can be a valuable asset to your business and personal brand.
  • For market research
  • Bring in new customers
  • Hey, who doesn’t want a bigger Twitter community!


But whatever your reason is for wanting more followers, having the option to do so, is what we all want on any network.


Twitter Limit

So how do you get around this small but aggravating issue?

Let me start by saying, Congratulations on reaching your 5000 Twitter following limit!

I’m happy you hung in there on Twitter to achieve that goal. But what can you do about the hold on your account.

  1. You can wait till you have more people following. If you’re impatient like me, this is probably not the option you’re hoping for.  But if you are not in any rush. Keep tweeting, keep engaging and being helpful to others, and you will find that people will add you to their community.
  2. Manually unfollow accounts. You can go to and start removing people you haven’t connected with, those that haven’t bother to follow you back, and followers who have given up on Twitter. It’s another time consuming option but faster than the first and will free up your account so you can continue growing your Twitter community.
  3. Use a tool to unfollow accounts. There are quite few tools that you can use that have free and paid version to help with making the process quicker and less time consuming. One tool, I recommend is ManageFlitter. It has a freemium, which allows you to remove 100 people every 24 hours and there is a paid option that allows you to remove the upper limits allowed by Twitter. If you don’t have time, then consider using any number of tools that are out there.


Growing your Twitter account shouldn’t be a hassle! Take control of your account so that you can connect with anyone AND everyone that you want to.


If you absolutely, don’t want to deal with having to do this yourself, then have someone do it for you! Let us save you time and effort to clean up your Twitter account, connect with us and tell us how we can help you. Get all the details here.