Social Media Audit Bundles For Small Business and Entrepreneurs

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More than 3 out of 4 Americans are on Social Media are you reaching them?

What is a social media audit?


A social media audit is a complete assessment of your social media presence from an social media professional point of view. You will receive detailed recommendations on how you can:


  • Improve on your current social platforms.
  • What social platforms you should really be investing your time on base on the audience you’re trying to reach.
  • Ideas on how to maximize the platforms
  • Discuss any Opportunities you may be missing out on to grow your communities and expand your reach through engagement which can potentially increase your revenue.


What should you expect when you purchase the social media audit bundle?


Once you make the investment, you will be emailed a questionnaire to answer about your business and social media goals. In your email, you will also receive a link to an appointment scheduler in which you schedule your 20-minute call, where we will review and discuss the information you provided.


In 10-14 days, I will complete your social media audit. And deliver it to you by email, no more than 14 from the initial phone call. From there, we will schedule another call to go over the audit and answer any of your questions.


You will also be given the option to purchase an additional 30 minute appointment for follow up at a discount price to discuss any recommendations or analyze any changes that were made, or answer any questions. This can be done from 2 weeks to 30 days from the last call.


Why choose to have me audit your social media presence vs. do it yourself or with someone else?


I actually advise that you perform your own audit, if you are able to about once a month. But there are times when you need someone looking in from the outside to take a constructive unbiased look at what working or not working for you.


  • I can reveal certain tactics or features that can help you, that you may be unaware of.
  • I keep up to date on new trends, changes, and information in general.
  • I can help you with specific steps to take, instead of you having to do it on your own. And let’s face it you probably don’t have the time.
  • I also will hold you accountable for what we discuss by offering the 2 week check. My plan is to keep you motivated.


How Much Does The Social Media Audit Cost?


You have the option to choose from two different packages.

The Basic Social Media Audit: Includes an audit of one social media platform which can include any of these: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram.

The price also includes the initial 20 minutes review and the 45 minutes of Q&A and an email check-in two weeks later.  Investment: $325


The Premium Social Media Audit: Includes the audit of up to 4 social media platforms, which can include any of these: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram.

The price also includes the initial 20 minutes review and the 45 minutes of Q&A and an email check-in two weeks later. Investment: $425

Additional Option Available: The 30 minutes follow-up is available for a price of $75.


To order your social media audit please click the link below. If you do not receive your questionnaire within 24 hours, please send an email to 

Have you scheduled your social media audit so you can grow and build a greater social media presence?