BPYC Entrepreneurship- Email Coaching Special

Free Email Coaching for small business owners


This coaching program is dedicated to helping new and transitioning entrepreneurs start, grow, develop, and more importantly succeed with your business.


Your time is precious to you but that doesn’t mean you have to give on getting the support you need because you don’t have time to make your coaching sessions.


With this program, we can focus on what you need, the most help on. You made need help with:



Marketing Strategy

Specific Tactics In Business

Time Management


Transformation and Inspirations

Networking Strategy

Gain Clarity on a Specific Project

Social Media and Branding Consulting

Ideas for Moving Your Business Forward

Creating Systems

Social Business Tools and Technology




Here’s how you get the 1 on 1 help you desire at an affordable price that works with your schedule and is customize for YOU.


I’m on a mission to help  entrepreneurs, like yourself who needs that extra help, who want to invest in themselves but still have to be mindful of your current financial obligations.


The BPYC Entrepreneurship- Email Coaching Program is offering 7 Days No Upfront Investment Needed! Join my program and start getting the help you need right away to move your business forward.


You may believe there’s a catch, No Catch. I truly believe Your Success is My Success. Over the next 7 days, we will work together, I will get to know  a little more about your business and develop ways to get you to the next level.



You can sign up now with just your Name and Email!

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Get Expert Advice With Email Coaching Today! Join For Exclusive Access To:


– Full access to me to answer all of your questions and when needed a screen cast for answers that need visual aid.


– Receive help for one particular goal or challenge and you desire a fairly immediate response.


– Help with long term goals and strategy sessions by email.


– With each email query, you can expect a customize answer within 24-48 hours.




How Much Does It Cost For Email Coaching?

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Normally, I have 3 Packages available: The Essential, The Premium, and The On Call Package.


My mission is to help 365 new or transitioning entrepreneurs before the end of 2015.


Everyone who signs up will have access to my Premium Package Email Coaching Program.


You can get help for simple challenges or particular business, social media, marketing, and branding problems. Even if you need help with more complex strategies or maybe just random issues that arises.



If You Sign Up For The 7 Days No Charge, No Credit Card Needed Email Coaching You Will Get:


  • Up to 10  email responses to your email questions during the 7 days.


  • All answers are personalized by me for your particular business.


  • You will receive an answer within 24- 48 hours based on whether it’s a simple response or if I need to create a screencast discussing the answer.


  • No nonsense help. I will always tell you the truth in regards to the question you’re asking. There may be times when the answer I provide is not necessarily the answer you want. Just know that I am doing this guide you in a positive direction.





– Until I helped my 365 entrepreneur and small business owners, I will also have 90 minutes of weekly “office Hours” that will offer 1 on 1 Q &A Time if you would like to speak to me. I normally charge $197 for the email package that include this but for 7 days No Charge For You!


– Weekly Emails providing different tips, tactics, motivation on a variety of business topics. It can consist of blog post you may find helpful, a tutorial, or just a quote of the day.






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Here’s How To Get Started


1. Sign up and get access to your private email address


2. After you sign up you will get a welcome email and also the address to send your questions to.


3. It will also include a questionnaire, so that I can get to know a little about you, your business, and how I can help.


4. I will ask one thing of you, and that’s for you to share to your friends about the email coaching program you’ve have signed up for the next 7 days with no charge.



5. Monday – Sunday you will receive an email back from me answering your questions.


6. All you have to do, is consistently take action with what we have discussed.





Terms of the BPYC Entrepreneurship -Email Coaching Program


I want to be able to help everyone that emails me everyday, there will be quite a few signed up although there is still a limited amount of people I can take monthly. In order to run this program effectively and efficiently, I have to provide a few parameters, which I have to do for our success to happen. Please read before you sign up.


You will receive One email per day, If you have multiply questions feel free to send it but make sure to note the order of importance, as only one will be answered.Please add as much detail as necessary, and keep them clear and concise.4


I will have days off, and as I mentioned it can take up to 48 hours to answer depending on the question. Please understand, I can only help a few people daily but everyone is important. If I expect extended for responses, I will communicate that with you.


1. It is UP TO You! This program is for YOU, what we coach on is completely up to you.


2. Please be realistic and reasonable with your questions. I DO NOT offer get rich quick opportunities. I can not help you make 6 figure in 30 days, I’m sure it is possible but that is not what I’m offering with this program.


3. I don’t claim to know it all. There may be some questions I can not answer. I am knowledgeable in what I do know but if I can not help you I will try to direct and or connect you with someone who does and can help.


4.Please let me help you. A question that is not asked is not answered. But please understand, if you don’t ask any questions during the 7 days, you will still only receive only one answer if you ask a question on the 7th day and it will still take 24- 48 hrs.


5. After your 7 days, you will be automatically removed from the program unless you decide to pay for the monthly email coaching program. For those who signed up  for 7 day free will receive emails offering exclusive discounts. You will also continue to receive weekly emails that everyone who is a part of the program will get.



Are you ready to go from where you are now, to where you want to be considering it doesn’t cost you thing besides your name and email….It’s your move!

To reserve your Private Email Coaching spot now.

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