R.I.P. to Twitter’s Fleet Feature

R.I.P. to Twitter’s Fleet Feature

If you haven’t tried using Twitter’s fairly new feature “Fleets”  unfortunately time has run out and this feature is no longer available as of August 3rd. Twitter decided to remove its Fleets feature from the top of the homepage timeline on the app. Are you wondering what Fleets are? Fleets are the equivalent of Instagram’s or LinkedIn’s stories.  Personally, I thought it was a pretty decent feature for Twitter to have but I am in the minority.

 According to Twitter the reason this feature, which only began last year in 2020, has been canceled is due to the low usage and overall activity of Twitter Fleets. Currently, there are no exact numbers to offer in reference to how many people actually either created Fleets or watched Fleets but it’s enough for Twitter to kill off this feature after only a year of releasing it to the community. 


Some people will miss Fleets on Twitter because they dislike Instagram and would prefer to post a disappearing Fleet than go to Instagram to create a story. I have to be honest I haven’t had enough time to really utilize the feature to the fullest extent and make an educated guess on whether it was truly valuable or not. When I started using Fleets it was extremely glitchy and quite challenging to do something that was similar to  Instagram stories or even Snapchat.  Eventually, I lost interest in trying to make it work and went back to using Instagram stories. I’m sure there are many people who can relate, meanwhile some don’t care whether it stays or goes, they will continue using Twitter and tweeting out 280 characters.

What will be next for Twitter? What new feature will take the place of Twitter Fleets? As of right now, the circular Fleet has been replaced with their new feature called Twitter Spaces.  Twitter Spaces is an audio-only feature that resembles the Clubhouse app that’s currently popular. Audio seems to be the New Black on the various social media platforms and Twitter sees this as an opportunity to expand into the audio arena as well as make a few other updates that we the users might find valuable.

I give Twitter credit for trying out new features such as their now-deleted Fleets. The one thing I wish Twitter would do is promote any new features they create better. The question that presents itself is, how many people actually know about features like Fleet and now Spaces?  How many people in the community actually care that they can do more than just a tweet? If they can answer this then I believe Twitter will make better decisions when it comes to marketing their own platform.

 Let me know what you think and drop your thoughts in the comments.


How To Begin Using Twitter For Thought Leadership

How To Begin Using Twitter For Thought Leadership

Using Twitter For Thought Leadership

Why Bother To Establish Thought Leadership?

Would you like to be seen as the “go to” person or a trusted resource within your industry? Or do you want to build awareness for a particular cause that you are passionate about, but you don’t have a public platform? Then building thought leadership on a social media platform like Twitter can pay off in significant ways.

Here are some other reasons why you would want to become a thought leader:

  • Quickly gain the trust of people in your professional community, customers, advocates, and investors.
  • Attract a higher readership, influence audience members, and build valuable relationships.
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness to stay relevant and top of mind.


Five Ways To Position Yourself As A Thought Leader Using Twitter


  1. Create Content That Matches Your Passion And Purpose

You might be tempted to start following people on Twitter but why should anyone follow you back if you have nothing exciting to read on your Twitter timeline. Once you know what you want to remember for, taking time to create and curate content that will attract people to your profile is a crucial step to increasing influence and reach on Twitter.

If you have original content that matches your passion, purpose and showcases your unique perspective, you’ll want to pin that piece of material to the top of your Twitter timeline. By doing this, you will garner the most attention by helping it to remain on top of anything else you tweet. However, if you don’t have original content available curating similar material is the next best step. Just don’t leave your Twitter account void of content, people will believe you are a spambot or an inactive member of Twitter.

  1. Engage And Be Approachable

Twitter IS a social media network; you should take time each day to engage with your online community. The days of just tweeting and being seen no longer exist. Dropping links to blog post, white papers, research papers or random pieces of content without engagement will not yield the results you desire for your business. If you ARE taking time to engage, but no one seems to want to tweet with you, it might be because your virtual tone seems unapproachable.

Tweet with an emoji regardless of whether you are happy, sad, or indifferent. Use gif to help clarify the meaning of your tweet. Until people get to know you,  your tone and personality are difficult to convey in 280 characters when you are starting out.

  1. Be Consistent

As a busy professional, finding time for posting and engaging on Twitter to build influence can be frustrating. However, being consistent is a necessary evil if you want to increase your thought leadership, it does take time and being present. Determine how much time you have to be involved actively and then either automate your content or hire someone and outsource the management of your account to someone like myself.

  1. Listen to Provide Value

Increase your thought leadership by listening first to see where you can provide value and be a dependable resource to the needs of your audience. Don’t be too quick to offer unsolicited information, listening on social media is key to being a great leader online and building powerful influence.

  1. Participate In Twitter Chats

Twitter chats can seem daunting at first and downright overwhelming when there can be multiple conversations taking place. Engaging in Twitter chats eliminates the need for finding people who WANT to have a conversation.  Twitter chats allow your tweets to reach a wider audiences getting you in front of new people. Over a period of time, these people you have connected with can develop in relationships and valued connections. Participating in chats also encourages engagement, which helps your content cut through the clutter, and showcase your expertise on the main discussion topic during the conversation.

(Twitter Chat Resource: Twitter chats can be overwhelming if you are not sure where to begin. Are you trying to unlock the Twitter chat code? Consider signing up for my Twitter Chat Masterclass here, and get started using this powerful marketing relationship builder tool.) 


Using Twitter to become a thought leader in your industry is not an easy road to take. It takes patience, diligence and strategy to make an impact and build influence regardless of whether you use Twitter or any other social media platform. Establishing your brand and using Twitter for thought leadership can bring tremendous benefits both personally and professionally.

Do you have any advice for using Twitter to become a thought leader in your industry?