Want to Be a Part of My Book Launch Team?

Want to Be a Part of My Book Launch Team?

I can’t do this by myself, and honestly, I don’t want to! That is why I am asking for your help. There is no better marketing than by word of mouth, and in this case, the more the merrier. That is why I am looking for a few enthusiastic people wanting to connect with other folks to be part of the book launch team for my soon-to-be-released book called “Twitter Marketing Unlocked.”

This book has been in the making for a while and I although I realize that it could potentially help those struggling to get a grasp on the social network and share the potential power behind it, I struggled myself with listening to naysayers. That day is over and the long-awaited time has finally arrived.

And I am excited!!

Share in my joy and help me to spread the word and connect with a community I know can benefit by being on Twitter. Here are the details:

What’s In It For You By Being a Book Launch Team Member?

  1. My forever loyalty and sincerest gratitude! I will be so thankful to everyone who joins me and lends a helping hand.
  2.  A Free Book – Every member of the team will receive a signed printed copy of the book from my organization. (The initial book will be on pdf, as I am waiting for the final book)
  3. Connections with Awesome People: I always say networking starts before you need the connections. I’ve already started pulling together a few phenomenal people to help with this launch and spreading the word. You will be able to connect on a deeper level. And who knows when you might need us to do the same for you.  There will be a Facebook Group for this very reason.
  4. Giveaways: I’ll be doing giveaways in the group to show my appreciation for your help and I’ll be offering book giveaways for your audience. More info about that what will be offered and posted in the Facebook group. Book Launch Team

What Are The Expectations For The Launch Team Members?

Let’s be real for a moment, I know you are busy and have many things on your own plate to accomplish. So if you are unable to do this, I completely understand and I appreciate you taking the time to read this. My goal is to provide you with enough support that way we can go through this launch as seamless as possible.

You can help out in a few areas or with everything. Whatever you can do I will be forever grateful. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the way you could potentially help.

  1. Social Media: You could share posts that I will make available (I’ll be proving ideas and resources)  in advance in the group or repost anything I share regards to the book. You can share on any social media channel you are most active on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, with your group, book club, or organization)
  2. Reviews: Honest Reviews are always helpful on Amazon or any other location that I will mention in time. (If you don’t like the book, that is okay, you don’t have to give a review.)
  3. Guest Blog: If social media is not your thing, I would love to be a guest blogger and provide a post that can host a book giveaway. Or you can write a blog post sharing the upcoming book giveaway.
  4. Pre-Orders and Book official Release Day: If you can’t be part then sharing information about the pre-orders. If you know someone interested in Twitter this will be a great gift to give.
  5. Facebook Launch Party: I would love to have you share and attend the Facebook launch party on the day of the release. Which will be on Sept 5th as of today’s date.
  6. Share TO Groups: If you apart of any group you think can benefit from the book it would be wonderful if you can share within your specific group, or I will be more than happy to speak about any topic related to Twitter marketing.
  7. Share Marketing Ideas: Do you have an idea that you believe could work and you would like to have it tested within the group. Share the idea in the Facebook group and we’ll discuss it.
  8. Tag it: Wherever you choose to share please tag it with the hashtag, #TwitterMarketingUnlock that way I can support you.

The launch activities will begin Monday, August 20th and continue to the first of October that’s approximately 6 weeks.  As I mentioned before, there will be a private Facebook group exclusively for anyone that has joined the team in any capacity.  But you have to be an active participant or you will be removed. When the activities of the group have officially ended, it will remain open for general discussion in case the team is needed by anyone in the group.


If you would like to help, please reach out to me by email: angela@angelahemans.com or by DM on any social media network @AngelaHemans as soon as possible.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/angelahemans

Instagram: www.instagram.com/angelahemans

Facebook: www.facebook.com/angelahemans