How To Get Clear On Your Target Audience In 3 Simple Steps

How To Get Clear On Your Target Audience In 3 Simple Steps

How To Get Clear On Your Target Audience In 3 Simple Steps


What is the legacy you want to share with the world? What is that first and lasting impression that you wish to leave behind when someone meets you and in comes in contact with your business.

Everyone has greatness in them and can make a positive impact on someone directly.
But in order for you to do this you have to know Who you are, What is your Genius and Who you’re trying to share this with.

Let’s get clear on your target audience!


  1. What is your brand?


Your personal and business brand is made up of a variety of things. I’d like to describe a brand as the Business Of You.

Who are you  and how do you want people to view you in 5, 10, or 15 years from now? If your family Google’s you, would they recognize your online business presence you’ve create. Would they be ashamed or delighted with the search results that’s been found?

How are you currently being seen by people in your community? Google yourself to see what shows up. Are you impressed by what pops up?

Your brand has many levels. You’re not just your business. Sometimes it’s  hard to clearly communicate who we are to others because we are so close to ourselves.

It is  hard to view ourselves from another person’s perspective.

In order to take constructive and holistic view of  ourselves, ask yourself these question, and write them down, but more importantly be honest. Ask yourself:

  • Who am I, Really  and  what do I want to be known for? Am I being my authentic self at all times?
  • How would my closest and business friends describe me?
  • What makes me unique, other than my eye color?


  1. What is your genius?


What is that one, two or three skills that you have that puts you above the rest of everyone in your niche?

Don’t say, you don’t have anything!

We all have acquired skills to share, that can beneficial to someone else and make a change in their life.

When you’re trying to figure this out, think about all of your experiences. It could be from the years of experience from your previous career.

You should include life experiences, remember this takes time to do, don’t feel rushed. Write it all down but this needs to be done eventually.


Here are a few things to think about:

  • What skills are you really good at?
  • What do you actually love to do?
  • What service could you provide to a community for free all day every day?
  • What do you closest friends and business association say you help them with the most?


Pay attention to what your gut is telling you when you think about that genius you have inside of you.

Remember, ultimately you know you best!

Getting Clear On Your Target Audience


  1. Getting Clear On Your Target Audience and How You Can Best Serve Them?


It doesn’t matter how great your service or product is. Everyone is not your target audience and if that’s the care you need to consider niching down some more.

Who is your target audience?

Are you really clear about the people you were meant to serve. You have to be clear with who your potential clients are, so that you can have an even clearer marketing message to be able to  communicate to them.

As your business evolves, your brand and the people you are choosing to serve will change too.

And that’s OK!  But for right now let’s figure out who those people are.

Here are a few questions to consider when you’re trying to get clear on your target audience:


  • Who do you enjoy working with the most?
  • When you’re considering the age group of the people, who give you the most energy to keep going?
  • If this was a volunteer position, who would you want to volunteer with?
  • If you’ve already worked with certain people who have drained your energy  the most physically and emotionally? And do you want to continue working with them?


Let’s face it if you don’t enjoy sharing your genius with a certain type of  person, you’ll find yourself in a miserable position.

If every time you are emotionally drained in a negative way working with a particular audience and then don’t do it!

Take some time to go over your unique value proposition or in other words you’re genius.

Once you’ve  found out, who they  are, what you do and who you do it for, you’ll be amazed at what opportunities will come your way.

When you’re able to get clear, you’ll  find that it will be easier to communicate to them!

Do you have a branding question, advice, or story to tell? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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3 Key Things To Consider Before Creating Your Social Media Strategy

3 Key Things To Consider Before Creating Your Social Media Strategy

Do you want to get clear about your marketing and social media strategy? Are you ready to launch your product, service, or book in a cost effective and creative way that attracts and connects with your audience in  under 30 days? Click to learn more.

social media strategy, persona branding

Do you plan on creating a social media strategy?

I hope so.

Don’t make the same mistake I made when I first started out using social media.

I would spend countless hours trying to find random content to share. Then I would spend several hours posting those pieces of content that I had found. There was no real purpose to what I was doing.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I would then sit down and spent hours trying to figure out what I was supposed to do now that I’m on these social platforms. I wasted so much time not knowing where to start, what my purpose was, nor where I was going.

If I have to do it all again I would have started by creating a simple social media strategy to help guide me in the direction that I needed to go.

Here are three key things to consider before you get started creating your strategy.

1. Define and assess your key goals

How do you know what direction to take, if you don’t know where you are going?

Before you start posting content to your social media networks, take a few minutes to look over your marketing strategy and define your overall goals for being online.

Is your objective to increase traffic to your website or maybe your blog. Maybe your goal is to increase sign-ups for an upcoming event that you have.

It is important to create smart goals. My SMART stands for:
– Specific
– Measurable
– Attainable
– Repeatable
– Time Based

Once you have the determined your goals and also have begun to implement them after a period of time, you will want to assess how you’re doing. During this time, if what you have created is working, then great, BUT if not, you will have to reassess what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them through the use of social media marketing.

2. Perform a social media branding audit to develop your content strategy

Having an audit done is one of the best ways to get an idea of what kind of social media content your audience will deem valuable.

What you need is not determined by what you want to offer your audience. Instead you need to take time to identify the needs of your potential,current, and previous clients.

Ask yourself what problems can you help them solve, what kind of content format they prefer.

For example your audience may prefer text content, Images, video, and or e-book format for their content consumption

If you’re new to business and wondering how you will do your own audit you can try something simple as identifying someone in your niche with a similar audience and analyzing what kind of content they are sharing.

If the content shared with their community is engaging AND you share a similar audience, then it’s safe to say your audience will engage with it as well. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

3. Do the three C’s of social media

Create valuable content.

Valuable content depends upon your audience and the people that you were trying to reach.

What is valuable to one community may not be the same for your, so take time to consider what is valuable and provide that.

, you need to build relationships. The success of your business is partially dependent upon the relationships you build, nurture, and grow.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect and authentically engage with others in your niche and with your potential clients

The last is consistency. Don’t create your own ghost town within your social networks.

Be clear about the purpose and the value you want to provide and do that in small steps as often as possible.

Consistently engaged and consistently share other people’s content, Follow the 80/20 rule that’s always helpful.

To sum it up!

Social media marketing is really about networking online to find and grow meaningful relationships that can be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

Creating your social media strategy doesn’t have to be complicated.

It just takes a little planning.

In the comment below and tell me what is one thing you wish you knew before you started before getting on social media!

A Simple Blueprint To Writing Great Tweets: How To Get More Retweets, Clicks, and Increase Engagement

A Simple Blueprint To Writing Great Tweets: How To Get More Retweets, Clicks, and Increase Engagement

Let me start by saying there are no such thing as a perfect tweet. I’m sorry to say but it just doesn’t exist. Yes, you can write great tweets that gets more retweets, clicks and increase engagement.

Before we get started with some tips for you to use for your next tweets, remember to consider your business goals, objectives, business mission and vision.

But most importantly consider the wants, and needs of your audience and potential clients, because that ultimately determines how much engagement your tweets will receive.

Increase Engagement

Here are a few ideas to get you started to writing engaging tweets, more retweets and increase engagement.


Be Personal


When you are crafting your tweets the worst thing you can do is to sound impersonal. People want to know that they can relate to you and the services that you offer.

If all your tweets sound salesy or like a robot has written them, I doubt you will get the engagement that you seek.


As with any marketing message, show what make you unique. Your tweets, should be a representative of what makes your business different from the rest.


You may be wondering “How to do this on Twitter?”


Your tweets should communicate the tone you wish to convey to your audience.  If you’re not sure where to begin, start with asking yourself a couple questions;


  1. What’s my communication style?
  2. What outcome do I want my Twitter account to accomplish?

Be Social and Increase Engagement

Be Sociable


How do you expect people to be engaging with your tweets if you are not active on Twitter? Having a consistent flow of schedule tweets is not the same thing as being engaging on Twitter.


Take a few minutes out of the 30 minutes – 1 hour you devote to your Twitter account to thank people, respond to questions, or listen and be involved in twitter chats.  


Try to keep the conversation going with your Twitter community. If you haven’t found anything to respond to, then ask questions, to get the conversation going.


Get Visual


Visual marketing is on the rise across social platforms, and Twitter is no different. Tweets that have an image get twice as much response and engagement than tweets without an image.

According to a survey sample taken by BufferApp, visual content on Twitter received


  • 18% more click throughs
  • 89 % more favorites
  • 150% more retweets


Imagery have become an important aspect of Twitter, that the network have integrated the use of certain sites like Youtube, Vine(which they have purchased), and Vimeo.


Tweeters no longer have to leave the platform to view what the video or picture is. Twitter now have a GIF button within the post platform. Now you can add even more emotion to a tweet and grab instant attention of  your Twitter community.


Whatever your tweeting, think of an emotion you want your audience to feel when reading your tweet and add a relating gif to your tweet. You might be surprise, how much engagement you’ll get from a simple image.

When you’re writing your tweets for your audience, try to remember that you want to tweet with your community and not tweet AT them. After you have written some tweets to share, ask yourself, “Would you retweet your own tweets, if they were in your Twitter stream?”


As you creating content for your Twitter stream, consider how your tweets will be consumed by your audience.
The more involved you are with your Twitter audience, the more engaging they will be.