How To Use Facebook Events To Increase Reach and Engagement, Grow Brand Awareness Build Influence Without Ads

Facebook Events Unlock

Do you feel like the activities you are currently doing on Facebook to market your business just aren’t working to connect you with your audience?

Are you at a loss on how to get traction using Facebook but you are not quite sure what to do since all of the recent 2018 changes?

Facebook Msrketing

I would like to show you that you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of your marketing budget on Facebook ads to get engagement. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming putting a strategy together and you don’t have to spend all day on Facebook (unless you want to) working to increase your reach.  


In this MasterClass:

  • Understand how to use Facebook event get visibility
  • How to set up your Facebook event page for maximum reach
  • How to effectively promote your business without looking salesy or spammy and turning people off.
  • How to use a Facebook event page to attract, interact, engage, and convert
  • Mistakes you make while hosting a facebook event page discussion
  • How to build your brand awareness and grow your influence using a free strategy that can help you connect, create discussions about your product or services.
  • We’ll go over what types of content to post, how often to post, and create a strategy for the time that you spent on your Facebook event.


Who Should Attend:

  • Small Business Owners and CEO
  • Marketing Professionals
  • C-suite Executives
  • Social Media managers
  • Virtual assistant
  • Authors and Speakers
  • Individual and Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs, Consultants, & Coaches
  • If you got a business page up and running and you are wondering now what, then this masterclass is for you.


Limited Spots are available at the initial pre-order price of $47.

**The regular price will be somewhere between $97 – $149**


As a bonus, there will be a Private Facebook group for all who purchase the masterclass. In the group, I will provide any update and changes that can affect Facebook events.