Women United In Business Mastermind

Woman entrepreneur, women united in businessMission: Women United In Business Mastermind’s mission is to unite women in business regardless of race, culture, age, and creed.

To inspire all women business professionals who are seeking to learn how to develop and grow their business meanwhile building community for networking and investing in other like minded women business professionals. 

Working to equip our community members along the different phases of the business journey. Encouraging other women to eliminate mental barriers that hinders success.

Through online discussion, educational events both online and offline. By mentoring and mentorship. 

Core Values and Purpose: T.R.A.N.S.C.E.N.D.

T – Teamwork equals community building. Women United In Business group can not be successful alone, through continuous collaboration and engagement the group can reach its full potential and offer success within the organization.

R – Respect is part of the foundation, within a diverse organization. Mutual reciprocity is needed to break barriers among women that tends to shadows our personal and business growth.

A – Alliances, We need to build strategic alliances to move  our business forward on a national and international platform.

N – Nurture,  As a community of business women professionals, Our goal is to place value and support each other  and their endeavors. Everyone is the group, plays a role and is important. 

S – Success, When the ladies of Women United In Business achieve business success, we all achieve success. 

C – Communication. Without communication, relationship building can not exist. Women United In Business Mastermind seeks to create change and misconceptions among women business culture.

E – Encourage others through collaboration to eliminate mental barriers that prevent business success. 

N – Networking. We believe your network equals your net-worth. 

D – Develop, Within the community, we believe it’s extremely important to create leadership opportunities with the group for continued growth . 

If this sounds like a group of women you would be interested in growing, supporting, learning from  then click the button below to be taken to the registration page. The group is free and in Phase I , which is by invite only.  We are looking to build a community that will be beneficial to all of it’s members. We want to make sure everyone is the “Right Fit” for the group and not everyone will be accepted into the community. 

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