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Terry Iverson is the owner of Iverson & Company, starting his 40th year with an 89-year-old third-generation Des Plaines machine tool distributorship & re-builder. 

Manufacturers seeking new employees with good-paying careers is what he wants readers to understand in his new book: Finding America’s Greatest Champion: Building Prosperity through Manufacturing, Mentoring, and the Awesome Responsibility of Parenting.

Manufacturing as well as other skill trades should never be thought of as second-rate careers. He believes our culture in this country somehow decided that going to college is the only ticket to success for our youth. 

Terry Iverson realizes most of the public has an under-informed and misguided perception of manufacturing’s role in the American economy and the vast good-paying career opportunities it has to offer our young people entering into the workforce.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • In unprecedented times, so many recent graduates are looking for a reliable career path in a thriving community. Why would he still recommend the manufacturing industry?
  • Is the manufacturing field a good industry to get into if one is not good in math and science. 
  • Discussion on why there are so few minorities and women in this particular industry and what can be done about it. 
  • What the next 1-10 years could look like for the manufacturing industry.
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: 
    1. What is the best part of the manufacturing industry that many people never consider? 
    2. What is one aspect of the community, that should be considered before making the jump? 
    3. What is the one thing that tends to be the deal breaker and could potentially make someone leave the industry if they didn’t know about it??

Guest Resources:

International Manufacturing Technology Show September 14 – 19, 2020 • McCormick Place • Chicago (Currently Canceled but visit for upcoming information)


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