How Can Chiropractors Build Their  Brand Using Twitter & Grow Their Practice

How Can Chiropractors Build Their Brand Using Twitter & Grow Their Practice

How Can Chiropractors Build Their Brand Using Twitter & Grow Their Practice

Twitter is still one of my favorite platforms to connect with people and start great conversations. No, it is not the platform it once was, but you can still grow your brand, chiropractic business and engage with potential clients or referral partners in a meaningful way.

Twitter has been around for almost 12 years, and I have been on and off it for about 10 of those years.  I have rebranded so many times and have made many mistakes over the years until now I am finally getting it right. I have helped multiple businesses grow a successful brand in the process.

Today I want to share with you what I have learned and shared with my clients to help you build your brand from scratch. Don’t worry, even if you are rebranding these tips can still work for you.

  1. What are your goals?

Start by defining your business objectives or goals for why you want to develop your brand on twitter is a crucial part of the process. You have to ask yourself why.

What is your desired outcome? What do you want to achieve using Twitter?

What are your trying to do? Here are a few goals you can be shooting for:

  • Increasing brand visibility
  • Grow your practice social media presence
  • Growing a community
  • Finding referral partners
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Acquire new leads(potential clients)

For me, I had a few primary objectives one being to increase my brand visibility and grow my community. It is okay to have multiple goals in mind to start off with on twitter. Moreover, don’t worry if it changes over time that will happen as your brand evolves.

2. Determine who is your core audience

Your target audience will determine what kinds of content to share.  Your brand may be about you, but your brand is also what your community believes it is as well.

Sharing the right type of content with the wrong audience is a big mistake, and they will find it irrelevant. The same goes for sharing the wrong kind of tweets will be a turn off to the right audience.   

By learning about your target audience, this will help you to develop your brand presence quicker and enable you to connect and engage with other more efficiently.

3. Publish tweets consistently

Have you ever visited a twitter account only to see there are no tweets?  That is one of the worst things to see because you do not want to follow someone that share all x-rated content or tweets that are inappropriate. When you are building your brand share content on your twitter timeline that is:

  • Interesting to read
  • Relevant to the audience you want to attract(For example, if you are a chiropractor that specializes in sports medicine, your content will differ from someone who specializes in pediatrics)
  • Shareable and Likable by your community

It is not enough to just follow someone on twitter and think they should follow you back because your bio is interesting and sounds good. Make sure when someone visits your profile you have something good for your audience to read.

4. Search for hashtags

Hashtags can help you discover different communities and conversations taking place. On Twitter, hashtags are essential for participating in Twitter chats that are happening on an individual topic.

Conference-goers are using hashtags for Live-tweeting events. During this time, I enjoy jumping on random conversations happening around the event.

That is what twitter is about as long as you are not interrupting a one on one public discussion that looks super personal. Otherwise, most conversations that get tweeted in the open are usually fine to add your comment.  Who knows what can happen, you might make a new friend, client, or referral partner.

5. Be Active

I know this sounds basic, but be active.  Being active doesn’t mean spending hours on Twitter unless you have hours to spend.  

How can you grow your brand and build a community if you are never present to be engaged? Try spending 15 minutes to an hour daily, especially when you are in the early stages of brand building.

There is a different way to be active on the network you can:

  • Connect with your ideal audience by following new people.
  • Take time to respond to any replies or comments made in your timeline or someone else.
  • Like and retweet other tweets. Find content you find valuable and share it with your community.

It is simple, but doing this daily will help grow your twitter following and build your brand visibility. If you are already feeling overwhelmed by your daily to do list while growing your chiropractic business, don’t worry, consider hiring a social media consultant like myself to help.


Creating the type of success you desire from being on Twitter or any social media network takes time.

It is not an overnight process!

You have to be willing to go the extra mile, to forge long-lasting relationships.  Just know, someone wants to connect and learn more about you and your business.

Have you created a successful brand on twitter?

I would love to hear from you and how you have branded yourself using Twitter. Leave your comments below or reach out to me on Twitter