How to Build An Online Business Presence Like A Kardashian

How to Build An Online Business Presence Like A Kardashian

How to Build An Online Business Presence Like A Kardashian

Yes, I said it!

I would have never thought to put The Kardashians and Business in the same sentence but let’s face they HAVE quite a few businesses between any one of them AND THEY are successful.

You don’t have like the business empire they are building, but they have an online business presences that undeniable.

And an online presence that many of us, secretly want to have with our own business.

I believe we can achieve any level of success we want in our businesses that include creating a professional online presence that we can be proud of.

Start with these simple and easy tips to make that happen for your business starting today.


Decide On The Online Business Presence You Want.


Start with determining what you want you from your online presence and what success looks like to you.

Once you start building your brand online and it begins to stick, will it be REALLY what you want others to know you for?

Initially the Kardashians didn’t have a so highly thought of name but now over years they manage to transform it,  to one  that is know for fashion, makeup, and successful entrepreneurship.

Time is commodity we can’t afford to lose, so starting out on a positive note is the best thing your can do for your budding business.

Let your values and goals be your guide to figuring out what your evolving online business presence should be.  


Make Your Audience Feel Like A Celebrity


It’s tempting to make your content, products and services all about you and what you want, but it’s really about the audience you want to attract.

The Kardashians are phenomenal at that doing this!

They’re constantly giving their audience what they want and that is more insights on the life of being part of their family.

Kim Kardashian has app that provides her VIP audience all access to her life 24/7. They ask for it and she’s giving it to them.

I’m not saying to give your potential customers 24/7 access to you, but there are ways to do this.

Listen to the needs of your audience.


  • What are they asking for?  
  • What types of service are they flocking to?
  • What types of content are consuming?

I’m not saying to create an app but if that is what they want, find a way to give it to them!

Online Business Presence

Stay On Top Of Mind


For pete’s sake, engage with your audience!

Content is King but Engagement will lead to owning the palace. No I didn’t get that from some influencer, I made that up.

But seriously, the Kardashians are everywhere, all the time. And as a busy professional without a team it’s simply impossible to reproduce that type of presence.

Do the best you can by being present and engaging where your audience is.

Don’t create content and expect your community to see it.

Be the first to reach out and be of service to those who are already engaging in communities you want to be part of.

Don’t hide behind a tweet, post, or a blog! Let your audience know you’re reading their content and that you are listening to them. As Brian Fanzo like to say, “Show You Care” and do this consistently and as often as you can.

In a time period in which we are constantly being bombarded with sponsored ads, daily contents, an ever growing stream of social media posts, if you’re out of sight, you’ll also be out of mind.

Creating more content, doesn’t mean staying relevant to your audience. So Go Get Social!  

If you missed out on everything I mentioned above and you want the shorthand of how to build your online presence as if you were a Kardashian, here it goes:


  1. Define your goals, objectives, and what a successful online presences looks like to you.

  2. Make your audience feel like a celebrity, by understanding their wants and urgent needs.

  3. Always Be Relevant! This is not only easy but it’s simple to do. Listen, Be engaging, Be Human.


Do you have a successful online business presence? Share in the comments what steps you’ve taken to make this happen!


A Simple Blueprint To Writing Great Tweets: How To Get More Retweets, Clicks, and Increase Engagement

A Simple Blueprint To Writing Great Tweets: How To Get More Retweets, Clicks, and Increase Engagement

Let me start by saying there are no such thing as a perfect tweet. I’m sorry to say but it just doesn’t exist. Yes, you can write great tweets that gets more retweets, clicks and increase engagement.

Before we get started with some tips for you to use for your next tweets, remember to consider your business goals, objectives, business mission and vision.

But most importantly consider the wants, and needs of your audience and potential clients, because that ultimately determines how much engagement your tweets will receive.

Increase Engagement

Here are a few ideas to get you started to writing engaging tweets, more retweets and increase engagement.


Be Personal


When you are crafting your tweets the worst thing you can do is to sound impersonal. People want to know that they can relate to you and the services that you offer.

If all your tweets sound salesy or like a robot has written them, I doubt you will get the engagement that you seek.


As with any marketing message, show what make you unique. Your tweets, should be a representative of what makes your business different from the rest.


You may be wondering “How to do this on Twitter?”


Your tweets should communicate the tone you wish to convey to your audience.  If you’re not sure where to begin, start with asking yourself a couple questions;


  1. What’s my communication style?
  2. What outcome do I want my Twitter account to accomplish?

Be Social and Increase Engagement

Be Sociable


How do you expect people to be engaging with your tweets if you are not active on Twitter? Having a consistent flow of schedule tweets is not the same thing as being engaging on Twitter.


Take a few minutes out of the 30 minutes – 1 hour you devote to your Twitter account to thank people, respond to questions, or listen and be involved in twitter chats.  


Try to keep the conversation going with your Twitter community. If you haven’t found anything to respond to, then ask questions, to get the conversation going.


Get Visual


Visual marketing is on the rise across social platforms, and Twitter is no different. Tweets that have an image get twice as much response and engagement than tweets without an image.

According to a survey sample taken by BufferApp, visual content on Twitter received


  • 18% more click throughs
  • 89 % more favorites
  • 150% more retweets


Imagery have become an important aspect of Twitter, that the network have integrated the use of certain sites like Youtube, Vine(which they have purchased), and Vimeo.


Tweeters no longer have to leave the platform to view what the video or picture is. Twitter now have a GIF button within the post platform. Now you can add even more emotion to a tweet and grab instant attention of  your Twitter community.


Whatever your tweeting, think of an emotion you want your audience to feel when reading your tweet and add a relating gif to your tweet. You might be surprise, how much engagement you’ll get from a simple image.

When you’re writing your tweets for your audience, try to remember that you want to tweet with your community and not tweet AT them. After you have written some tweets to share, ask yourself, “Would you retweet your own tweets, if they were in your Twitter stream?”


As you creating content for your Twitter stream, consider how your tweets will be consumed by your audience.
The more involved you are with your Twitter audience, the more engaging they will be.