Personal Branding, social media trainingLet me help you create a brand that will be Insightful, Interactive, and Impactful online and off!


Let me introduce myself, my name is Angela Hemans the “H” is silent,  BUT you can call me Angela. I’m a personal brand strategist and social media trainer.

My purpose is to help women owned small businesses and business professionals develop, build, and maintain their online social presence for greater brand  awareness. engagement, and community service.

I’m working hard to be a resource for my women #Familypreneurs to  learn how to use different business building tools to increase productivity,  branding strategies to increase their community engagement and attract more clients for their business, marketing tips, and just an everyday resource for issues that present themselves being a women entrepreneur.


It’s difficult to use social media to connect, engage, and grow a variety of communities on various platforms. Believe me, I know from personal experience, but when you have someone to work with that can provide guidance, and provide you with insights that can push you forward to success, it makes all the difference in the world for growing a successful business.

I enjoy working with  business professionals from all over to discover, develop, and implement various business solutions involving social media and marketing communications to enhance their brand, improve social skills, and to just establish their online presence.

My mantra for small business owners is “ Make Every Connection Matter!” And what better way to do this, than through creating an Insightful, Interactive, and Impactful brand. And I can help you make that happen. 


Are you trying to make an impact in your business community with the business you have invested so much in?

Do you want to transition out of your 9-5 into entrepreneurship but not sure where to start?

Let’s work together to create your social business foundation and offer you strategies and solutions for maintaining it.


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